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Product Information Sheet

Name: RejuvaDERM Oil Control Gel-Moisturiser

Description: This is a revolutionary moisturizer due to its anti-inflammatory effect. Most other leading acne treatments have an inflammatory effect caused by the free radical production of Benzoyl Peroxide. RejuvaDERM Oil Gel-Moisturiser’s unique anti-bacterial action works naturally to control the five major bacteria implicated in acne infection without harsh damaging benzoyl peroxide and antibiotics. RejuvaDERM Oil Control Gel-Moisturiser exhibits a high, immediate and long lasting moisturizing effect. Based on a plant rich in potassium and DMSP which helps the skins “osmotic pump” promote water uptake into the stratum corneum and hold onto it for long term moisturizing even after showering. With its unique skin smoothing “Moist Lock” complex the overall effect is a noticeable smoothing and softening of the skin.

Directions for Use: Apply a small amount of this non-greasy gel to a thoroughly cleansed and toned skin every morning and evening. Gently massage into skin and allow to dry before applying make-up during the day.


Glycerin Humectant (Moisture Retention)
C12-15 Alkyls Benzoate An organic solvent that normalizes the spread of skin’s sebum.
Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid Global treatment for oily and acne-prone skin, fighting against the four parameters responsible in the acne process: hyperseborrhoea, hyperkeratosis, inflammation and bacterial proliferation.
Oleanolic Acid
PEG-60 Almond Glycerides Almond oil based surfactant used as an oil emulsifier and skin conditioner.
Caprylyl Glycol Glycol solvent to disperse oils and waxes.

PH Levels: 5.5 – 6.0 Size: 45ml

Clinical Data:

Activity ion seboregulation:
9 volunteers with oily or combination skin. Twice daily application of a light cream Containing 3% for 6 weeks.

Sebum collection from the forehead using Sebutape® applied to the skin for 30 Minutes on Day 0 and Day 42.

- Decrease of seborrhea: -44%

Number of Active Glands Quantity of sebum collected
active glands sebum collected

Activity on retentional and inflammatory lesions:
20 volunteers with oily or combination skin with a tendency for acne.  Twice daily application of a gel containing 3% for 8 weeks.

Dermatological evaluation:

Microcysts -27%
Comedones -35%
Pimples and Pustules -32%


Less numerous, attenuated red spots 45%
Astringent effect 35%
Overall improvement of the skin 35%

Decrease in the number of lesions

lesions day 0 lesions day 56
Retentional lesions -35% Inflammatory lesions -32%

Activity on P.acnes:
12 volunteers with comedones.  Twice daily Application of a gel containing 3% for 4 weeks.  Semi-quantitative evaluation of
P. acnes colonization with Wood UV (light) (orange spots).

Visible decrease of P. acnes colonistion on Peri-nasal and cheek zones (orange spots).

Visualisation of P. acnes colonisation.
(orange spots)

acne day 0 ance day 28