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Product Information Sheet

Name: Illuminate Cleanser

Description: This super moisturizing cream cleanser is suitable for all skin types based on biotechnology and trihydroxypalmitic acid. It provides in-depth hydration and smoothing of the skin’s surface, creating an immediate perceivable reduction in fine lines.

Using 5 powerful brightening elements, rejuvaDERM Illuminate Cleanser helps even out skin tone and increase luminosity. Skin whitening complexes based on botanical and peptide proteins possess strong anti-tyrosinase activity that inhibit excess melanin production while stabilizing existing tyrosinase. RejuvaDERM Illuminate Cleanser will also decrease the colour intensity of age spots for a brighter more youthful looking skin. Also excellent for sun damaged skin on the face, hands, chest and shoulders.

Directions for Use: Place a small amount onto skin with dampened hands and work in with small circular motions. Rinse with tepid water and pat dry. Follow with appropriate rejuvaDERM toner and moisturizer.


Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride MCT Oil Medium chain triglycerides – a light oil that is a good solvent for grease and sebum.
Diacetyl Boldine Diaecetyl-boldine (DAB) in C8C10 triglycerides that inhibits the activity of tyrosinase – the enzyme responsible for melanin synthesis. Used in skin lightening products.
Lactamide/Acetamide MEA Mild cleansing surfactant with moisturizing properties.
Cocoamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine Mild cleansing oil with moisturizing properties.

PH Levels: 5.5 – 6.0 Size: 250ml

Clinical Data: Lumiskin

Test on Asian Volunteers: Test on Age Spots:
20 Asian volunteers/Twice daily application of a cream containing 4% LUMISKIN for 2 months. Measurement of ITA° by chromameter and Melanin Index by Mexameter on one homogeneous area (in 2 places), a hyperpigmented area and one untreated area. Study on 22 Caucasian volunteers aged 58+/ -7.8/Twice daily application of a cream containing 4% Lumiskin (40 ppm DAB) for 2 months (between October and December) on one hand against the other hand/Measurement of Melanin Index by mexameter on 4 sites.

Colorimetric test:

Melanin Index Normal Hyperpigmentation Control
Variation (D56 – DO) -17(1) -20%(1) -6(ns)
Maximum variation -25% -18% ns
Volunteers with improvement 85% 90% 50%

ITA° (clarity) Normal Hyperpigmentation Control
Variation (D56 – DO) +2°(3) +2.9°(2) +1.2°(ns)
Maximum variation +1.2° + 9.6° ns
Volunteers with improvement 65% 80% 50%


Lightening of the skin +71%
Lessening of the hyperpigmented areas +54%
Complexion more even +65%
Skin more radiant +74%
Before After
before hand after hand
before hand after hand

Melanin Index Treated Hand Control Hand
Variation (56-DO) -40 -25
Variation (%) Control D56/Treated D56 -23.4%