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Product Information Sheet

Name: Illuminate Moisturiser

Description: Using a powerful brightening combination of 5 agents rejuvaDERM Moisturiser helps even out skin tone and increase luminosity. Skin whitening complexes based on botanical and peptide proteins possess strong anti-typosinase activity that inhibit excess decrease the colour intensity of age spots for a brighter, more youthful skin.
Also excellent for sun damaged skin on the face, hands, chest and shoulders.

Directions for Use: This is designed to be used in the evening. Apply after cleansing and toning to allow it to perform its work the whole night through.


Diacetyl Boldine Diacetyl-boldine (DAB) in C8C10 triglycerides that inhibits the activity of tyrosinase – the enzyme responsible for melanin synthesis. Used in skin lightening products.
D-alpha Tocopherol Acetate Vitamin E Moisturising and anti-oxidant properties.
Dithiaoctanedial A multi-component hydroglycolic solution, contains a keratolytic enzyme that eliminates the strongly pigmented epidermal cells in the first place. It also contains several other components, the aim of which is to regulate tyrosinase activity, thus to diminish progressively the pigmentation located on the skin’s surface.

PH Levels: 5.5 – 6.0 Size: 40ml

Clinical Data: Melaclear

Study of the depigmenting effect:

40 volunteers of Asian origin – 29 women and 11 men, aged between 23 and 38 / Twice daily application / cream containing 5% MELACLEAR 2/ Minolta CR 200 chrometer.

Brightness red component yellow component