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Mist Gentle Toner


This is a gentle face mist to tone and hydrate your skin. Using natural cotton seed Hydrolysate, rejuvaDERM Mist provides a gentle toning action with mildness and proven counter irritancy benefits.

As a low molecular weight hydrolysate, it penetrates the stratum corneum to help moisturize, nourish and protect skin from within. RejuvaDERM Mist also provides an enhanced skin feel and a long term conditioning benefit even after washing.

Directions for Use

Spray face and neck with Mist-Gentle Toner after a thorough cleansing and let it soak into your skin. You can then apply the appropriate rejuvaDERM skin treatment moisturizer. Spray the mist over make-up to give a moist, dewy appearance. Sprat to help replace lost hydration


Aleuritic Acid Contains water-soluble moisturizing agents ensuring a long-lasting, immediate superficial hydration and an oil-soluble molecule that helps repair the cutaneous barrier to guarantee an in-depth, long-term hydration.
Yeast Extract (Faex)
Lactic Acid Milk Acids Mild Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA)

PH Levels: 5.5 – 6.0 Size: 150ml

Clinical Data: Hydraprotectol SM

Short-term hydration – y hours:
10 volunteers / cream containing 5 and 5% HYDRAPROTECTOL SM / Corneometer / Measurements over 7 hours
- Hydration of upper epidermal layers : +20%

Long-term hydration – 28 days:
10 volunteers / 28 days / cream containing 5% HYDRAPROTECTOL SM / Corneometer
-Hydration of upper epidermal layers : +42%

Short-term variation of the skin’s micro-depressionary network:
10 volunteers / 7 hours / cream containing 5% HYDRAPROTECTOL SM
-Smoothness improvement of surface profile : +41%

Transient thermal transfer:
6 volunteers / 8 hours / cream containing 5% HYDRAPROTECTOL SM vs placebo / Micro-effusimeter

transient thermal transfer