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Mist Gentle TonerWhat is the Purpose of a Facial Toner

The Purpose and Unknown Benefits of a facial Skin Toner

In the past years, our society has been witness to an increased concern about people’s appearance and the way we present ourselves to the rest of people around us. As such, the importance of almost every beauty product out there has skyrocketed among both men and women alike. Among them, the one that has among the highest demand is no doubt the facial toner.

In fact its importance has become such, that dermatologists and other skin care specialists all around the world recommend these toners to anyone serious about carrying a daily skin care routine. However, there seems to be a lot of disinformation about facial toners and their importance among most people, which is rare considering how much is known about other important skin care treatments like moisturizing and cleansing for example.

Let’s take a quick overview at four considerations to know why are facial toners so important.

  • One of the most important reasons why facial toners are necessary is their power to restore the skin’s natural ph level. Our skin is commonly acidic in its nature, with a ph range of around six. However, the moment we use any traditional cleanser, that ph balance is modified by the alkaline properties of the cleanser, which in turn causes the skin to work extra in trying to restore its natural ph level. But if instead a facial toner is used, it will remove most of the residues left by cleansers and will also take the skin back to its natural ph level.

  • Contrary to what most people think, toners are not meant for tightening or “toning” the skin. This is a misconception that has been carried out along the years due to the tightening effect perceived immediately after applying a facial toner. But what toners actually do is reduce the inflammation of the skin after applying any other component or exposing it to rough environmental conditions for an extended period of time. Facial toners also partially moisturize the skin, as well as providing it with antioxidant and anti-irritant agents.

  • The proper application of a facial toner will help other cosmetic products to spread easier along the surface of the skin. This also helps you save money since a lesser quantity of any given cosmetic product is needed for each application.

  • Another sought-after benefit of facial toners is their ability to almost eliminate any light wrinkles and other fine lines from our faces. If on the other hand, you happen to have oily skin, a facial toner will help control the production of oil, which in turn is perfect to prevent acne and other similar skin conditions.

Alcohol in a Toner is of benefit in a cosmeceutical skincare line with the purpose of thoroughly removing all residue and stripping skin for optimal absorption in preparation for advanced skin treatments.