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- Penetrates well into your skin within a few minutes, leaving your skin moist and soft with a slight glow but not shine

Precious oils can be used in the evening and during the day these oils are of the highest quality and can be used over any of the rejuvaDERM range of cosmetics. High grade oil penetrates well into your skin within a few minutes, leaving your skin moist and soft with a slight glow but not shine.

Jojoba Oil: reduces trans-epidermal water loss without completely blocking the transportation of water vapor and gases, providing the skin with suppleness and softness. Studies indicate a rapid penetration and is a moisturising emollient.
Apricot Kernel Oil: is a good moisturiser and skin softener. This oil has a high Vitamin E content and can aid the skin in retaining elasticity, clarity, and suppleness.
Sweet Almond Oil: serves as an emollient and a carrier, providing an elegant skin feel and promoting Lubricated application.
Rose Hip Oil: described as healing oil due to its antiseptic properties. Studies indicate ability to improve skin hydration and aid in cases of pruritis and xerosis. It may also help regulate oil gland secretion.
Soy Oil: is a smoothing ingredient. It has a high content of phosphatides such as lecithin, sterols and Vitamin A, E and K, serving as an anti-oxidant. This oil promotes collagen renewal and relieves dryness.
Evening Primrose Oil: Have therapeutic and botanical properties describes as astringent and helpful for skin irritations. Evening primrose oil contains a high amount of gamma linoleic acid which is one of the essential Fatty acids vital for maintaining the normal functioning of the epithelial barrier membrane. Evening Primrose oil improves the skinís hydration and its ability to develop normal barrier functions.
Grapeseed Oil: has moisturising and nourishing properties due to its high linoleic acid content. Grapeseed oil is the fixed oil obtained by pressing grapeseeds. It is also an anti-oxidant.
Macadamia Nut Oil: is high in fatty acids, similar to skin sebum it penetrates well into your skin, softening, nourishing and moisturising.
Wheat Germ Oil: is an emollient with anti-oxidant and free radical scavenging properties due to its Vitamin E content. Another important constituent of wheat germ oil is lecithin.
Avocado Oil: is a carrier oil helping transport active substances into the skin. Its skin benefiting properties include bactericidal and soothing, particularly to sensitive skin.
Natural Vitamin E: is a good anti-oxidant with skin moisturising properties.
Rose essential oil: has been credited with antiseptic, disinfectant and soothing properties. It is found helpful in cases of skin redness or inflammation and moisturising and regenerating where needed. Rose oil may be beneficial to all skin types.
Spearmint essential oil: is a cooling aromatic, described as having cleansing and decongesting properties. Its fragrance is similar to peppermint but fresher and less harsh.


- Jojoba Oil
- Apricot Kernel Oil
- Sweet Almond Oil
- Rosehip Oil
- Soy Oil
- Wheat Germ Oil
- Evening Primrose Oil
- Grapeseed Oil
- Avocado Oil
- Macadamia Nut Oil
- Vitamin E
- Spearmint Oil
- Rose Oil


- After bathing or shower pat yourself dry and place a small amount in the palm of your hand, emulsify and apply in light circular movements.

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