Cellutone moisturiser 250ml

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Key ingredients Caffeine, Safflower, Almond,Mandarin, and Peppermint Oil
Caffeine works immediately, breaking down the cells of fat that accumulate within the skin and helps in making the skin much smoother and removing the lumps. The main purpose of the caffeine is to dehydrate the area where cellulite is present, hence tightening the skin and making it firm
Safflower oil contains linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that offers many benefits for skin. This acid is a key reason it provides a softening effect when massaged into of the skin
Peppermint has a cooling and moisturising effect on the skin. Its high menthol content is refreshing and stimulating, helping to increase circulation to the skin.
Mandarin oil can be used as a cure for stretch marks, damaged skin and acne scarring; it encourages the growth of new skin cells and replaces previously damaged skin cells.
It is one of the most effective aromatherapy oils and is also non-toxic, non-sensitizing, and does not irritate the skin. It helps to re-balance the skin and is widely used in skin care products, as it aids in refining the texture of the skin and is used as an antiseptic and a cell rejuvenator.
The main constituents of almond oil are fatty acids (mostly of gycerides of oleic acid and linoleic acid), plant fatty alcohols (phytosterols), and vitamins and antioxidants (mostly Vitamin E and Vitamin K).
Almond oil is a rich source of vitamin E. Alpha-tocopherol is the kind of vitamin E the human body absorbs best, and it is considered the most important antioxidant and free-radical scavenger. Studies indicate that vitamin E in almond oil performs all these functions when applied topically. It improves the skinís water-binding ability and reduces water loss thereby improving the appearance of rough, dry and damaged skin.
Fatty Acids in almond oil are essential to cellular membranes. Therefore if the skinís fatty acid content declines, so will elasticity and at the same time water loss will increase resulting in skin roughness and scaliness. Topically applied fatty acids are metabolized in the skin, normalizing the cell lipid layer and improving the water-retention capability.

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